48 hr film project

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List of 48 Hour Film Project award winners

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Gordon's disconnectedness is something you can see him unattainable to redress when he gets mad. The winners of the 48 Hour Film Project were announced at Filmapaloozaheld at the Las Vegas Hilton in Las Vegas, Nevada, on April 12, The grand prize for "Best Film" was $3, The grand prize for "Best Film" was $3, Utah High School Film Festival Festival Date: Tuesday, April 23, 48 hr.

Shootout Up to 5 min. Get your friends and plan, shoot, and edit a video in just 2 days! Could be a stand alone project or a trailer for an actual movie you’re creating. You may submit a trailer for a film that is also submitted to the short film.

Online shopping from a great selection at Movies & TV Store. Detroit 48 Hour Film Project. Team DEaD JaMmeR actors Dan Dobrovich, left, and Stephanie Peltier, are filmed as they work together on a scene. The eleven-person DEaD JaMmeR team is one of 50 local.

The 48 Hour Film Project wrapped up on Aug. 25 with a showing of the top 13 films out of the 26 that were submitted. The films were shown at the San Marco Theatre. Tickets were sold out for the event, he said. A whole bunch of movies were being made here in town earlier this month.

Twenty-four of them in fact. At the same time! Jordan Lema used to participate in the Hour Film project, now he runs it.

48 hr film project
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