Atlanta beltline project

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Biking & Art on the Atlanta BeltLine

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Brownfield Programs

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How one massive, BeltLine-adjacent project aims to change Old Fourth Ward

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What was the seed of your original idea for the project? In school, I became really fascinated with the connection between the infrastructure we build and our way of life. Workday on the GNPS BeltLine Arboretum Site with Hands on Atlanta.

Mar 23, The Saturday March 18, workday included the first partnership with Hands on Atlanta that brought out over 20 new volunteers to work on the GNPS BeltLine site. Get Atlanta news, sports, Atlanta weather, entertainment, business & political news from The Atlanta Journal Constitution - we know Atlanta best.

The first new project generated by the Westside Trail of the Atlanta BeltLine is an adaptive reuse that will transform a group of old warehouse buildings into a. The Atlanta BeltLine is a unique project that has the potential to transform the urban landscape of Atlanta, Georgia and serve as a model for urban redevelopment around the country.

A $ million project on the Atlanta Beltline’s Eastside Trail will feature terracing green roofs and an elevated walkway into Historic Fourth Ward Park. New City LLC unveiled the project design to Atlanta Business Chronicle in preparation for its Dec. 14 meeting .

Atlanta beltline project
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How one massive, BeltLine-adjacent project aims to change Old Fourth Ward - Atlanta Magazine