Changing landscape of healthcare

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Visualizing the Changing Landscape of Big Media

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Studies of operational impr ovements in healthcare using Lean Six Sigma are becoming commonplace. By borrowing best practices from the corporate world, this proven methodology works to achieve high levels of business efficiency while still delivering compassionate care.

In addition to dramatically reducing the number of uninsured in the United States, this comprehensive health care reform legislation seeks to curb the escalating costs of health care delivery, optimize resource utilization, eliminate waste, and improve the quality of service delivered by the health care system.

The sales tax landscape has now changed significantly and retailers should be prepared to act. Businesses should evaluate whether they need to charge sales tax in any state currently requiring. The health care landscape has changed considerably over the past decade, with a number of expansion and new-building projects.

The biggest, by far, is Baystate Medical Center’s new Hospital of the Future, a $ million, ,square-foot facility now taking shape on the Baystate campus (left). Occupational Competency Testing. Catalyst Healthcare is a leading vendor for the development, validation and customization of occupational competency assessments that are specific to your curriculum or work site.

Changing landscape of healthcare
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The Shifting Landscape of Health Care: Toward a Model of Health Care Empowerment