Combat support air operations

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United States Air Force Special Operations Weather Technician

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Air Force Special Operations Command: Air Commandos

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Combat support for air operations

This is a list of Groups in the United States Air Force that do not belong to a host wing. The last level of independent operation is the group level. When an organization is not part of the primary mission of the base it will be made an independent group.

In Fifteenth Air Force against the Axis: Combat Missions over Europe during World War II, Kevin A. Mahoney provides a detailed combat history of the crucial role played by this air force from November through May Presented by month in chronological order, Mahoney describes all the major bombing and fighter missions carried out by this air force within a strategic context.

Abstract. Having dealt with the various types of combat air operations, we turn now to the second broad category of air operations identified in Chapter 3: combat-support air operations or ‘force multipliers’ as they are often called. Not well known outside Air Force circles is a major Defence capability that has its headquarters at RAAF Amberley.

Combat Support Group provides flying squadrons with world class air base support critical to the conduct of air operations in Australia and while deployed on missions overseas.

Scope of PMA PMA is NAVAIR’s executive agent for the development and management of cutting edge Air Combat Electronics systems. Established inPMA is responsible for providing critical capabilities to the Warfighter in the form of common, fully developed, supportable, and reliable systems that align with the strategic and operational requirements of our platform PEO/PMA.

Special Operations Weather Team (SOWT) (AFSC 1W0X2) specialists are tactical observer/forecasters with ground combat capabilities and fall under the Air Force Special Tactics within the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC).

The mission of a Special Operations Weather Team Specialist is to deploy by the most feasible means available into combat and non-permissive environments to collect.

Combat support air operations
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FM Chapter 9, Combat Support Operations