In my fathers country

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In My Father's Country: An Afghan Woman Defies Her Fate

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The Father of My Country

We're hopefully moving -- beginning of December -- out to the country, of sorts. It'll mean an easier commute for my wife and a different kind of living for our whole family.

Daniel O'Donnell - My Fathers House Lyrics

My Father Cigars produces some of the world's finest cigars. Jewel has released a new music video for “My Father’s Daughter,” an ode to her dad that also features vocals from Dolly Parton.

Post-Divorce, Jewel Picks Up the Pieces With New Album, Book. My Father’s Moustache Eatery & Pub Located in the heart of Mount Pleasant on your way to Sullivan’s Island, My Father’s Moustache is a one-of-a-kind eatery serving Old World favorites from an English and Irish background.

Few subjects are covered as extensively in country music as fathers, so here's the top picks for the 10 best country songs about Dads. These songs, from some of country music’s top artists, illustrate the strength, wisdom, and enduring qualities of fatherhood.

I met my dad when I was very young, somewhere between 5 and 7 (I think). I was a shy kid and didn't open up quickly, so things were very formal between us for a long time; the easy affection that.

In my fathers country
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My Father's Country: The Story of a German Family - Wibke Bruhns - Google Books