Retrenchment notice

How are retrenchments handled?

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Sample Letter for Retrenchment Letter

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What are the different Types of Retrenchment Strategies of Business?

Different Types of Retrenchment Strategies of Business are given below: 1. Turnaround Strategies. Turnaround strategy means backing out, withdrawing or retreating from a decision wrongly taken earlier in order to reverse the process of decline.

Retrenchment Policy and Procedure: Page 2 of 7 The company has developed guidelines, which will be tabled for discussion and consultation during the consultation process.

Eskom said despite efforts to curb expenditure, its operating costs had continued to increase dramatically while output remained largely unchanged. Mandatory retrenchment notifications. From 1 Januaryemployers must notify MOM of retrenchments within 5 working days after providing notice of retrenchment to employees.

What is retrenchment? Retrenchment is defined as the cutting down or reduction of employees and this mainly happens when a company or institution is changing management or is in financial difficulties.

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Retrenchment notice
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