Rigorous academic coursework

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Academic Policies and Procedures

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Academic Programs

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The fellowship will be awarded to 20 student leaders in with the intent of promoting their academic excellence and leadership development, through college graduation. Course Requirements for AMCAS Cycles and Minimum Semester Hours: Substitutions are not acceptable for any of the required courses, and all of the science course work must be taken in a.

For every aspiration, UCLA has a means. With more than 3, courses in academic departments, UCLA offers + majors to help you define your academic path. And 70 percent of our undergraduate classes have 30 or fewer students, maximizing your personal engagement with our internationally renowned faculty.

GTCC offers you an incredible variety of academic opportunities. Whatever your interests, talents or passion, GTCC can help you find the right career path.

First Year Composition. First year composition courses are offered on a system of A, A–, B+, B, B–, C+, C, I, NC, W grading. All entering first year students, except international students, should enroll in a first year composition sequence during their first year unless they have been awarded equivalent credit through credit by examination or dual-enrollment or other transfer coursework.

Maryland State Department of Education Performance Dashboard Measures including measures of Kindergarten Readiness, High School Graduation Rates, and Completion of Rigorous Coursework from Academic Year to present.

Rigorous academic coursework
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