Should elderly receive free bus rides

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Routes + Fares

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should the elderly get free bus rides???

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The Surprising Effect of Free Bus Passes on Senior Health

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Should the elderly receive free bus rides? Conclusion Allowing elders to receive free bus rides will benefit them greatly and will also benefit cities and decrease traffic crashes. Unlimited rides on I-BUS and all connecting bus service for 31 consecutive days. Zone surcharges may apply.

I-BUS also accepts CTTRANSIT passes and Bee-Line PASSPORT (additional fare required) and Metro-North UniTickets. Edit Article How to Take a Seniors European Tour. In this Article: Senior Tour Planning Senior Travel Booking European Tour Tips Community Q&A For many people, a trip to Europe is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

With the United States' largest generation, "the baby boomers," reaching retirement age, senior travel is on the rise. Title: Should The Elderly receive free bus rides?

Specific Purpose: To persuade to the public in letting senior citizens have free bus rides. Thesis Statement: Don't. TN - What appears to be a great getaway for seniors -- with bus rides and free meals -- can quickly become a costly mistake.

Those trips to casinos are not all about fun and games, said the Rev. John Eades, a United Methodist pastor and addiction counselor in Murfreesboro.

Fare Information MTA New York City Transit Subways, Staten Island Railway, New York City Transit Bus, and MTA Bus Fare Information.

If you have a qualifying disability or are 65 years of age or older, you are eligible for reduced-fare travel on MTA subways, SIR, and buses in New York City.

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