Sony virtual reality headset release date

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PlayStation VR

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It can be won after problem in fortune 40 to the Nooklings at any of their shops. Project Morpheus Sony's virtual reality helmet will official feature PS Vita support.

Ian Bickerstaff, Technical Director at SCEE Immersive Technology Group revealed that the virtual reality headset will work with the Playstation Vita similarly to tablets and smartphones.

PlayStation VR release date: Sony releases virtual reality kit and looks to bring headsets to the mainstream.

Virtual Boy

and Google is about to release a Daydream VR headset that will cost even less. Virtual Reality Headset Ps4 Release Date Vive Htc News New Google Cardboard Playstation Vr Parts Oculus Rift Nsfw Reddit The technology as sophisticated rapidly.

Simply a few years ago we got the last consumer version of the Oculus Break, the first iteration of the HTC Vive as well as, to cover all of it off, the very first console-powered VR. Sony Interactive Entertainment on Monday said its keenly awaited PlayStation virtual reality headset will hit the market on October 13 at a price of $ (R6,).

Sony is the maker of the Project Morpheus virtual reality headset, due out next year. Microsoft is the maker of the HoloLens, an augmented reality headset, with no release date announced.

Samsung is the maker of the Gear VR headset, available for the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6 smarphones for $ Get through the detailed technical specifications on PlayStation official website. Know about external dimensions, mass display, method panel, resolution, connection interface and much more.

Tech Specs - PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset.

Sony virtual reality headset release date
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