Underwriting agreement indemnification agreements


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This User Agreement (this “ Agreement ”) is a contract between you (“ you ” or “ User ”) Upwork Global Inc. (“ Upwork,” “ we,” or “ us ”) and our affiliates Upwork Escrow Inc. (“ Upwork Escrow ”) and, to the extent expressly stated, Elance Limited. You must read, agree to, and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement to be.

The underwriting agreement contains an agreement by the underwriter(s) to purchase the offered securities from the issuer or other seller and to resell them to the public, the underwriting discount, representations and warranties of the parties, certain covenants, expense allocation and.

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Indemnification Agreement (For Company Directors and Officers) Indemnification agreements are often provided to a Company's directors and officers to minimize potential personal liability for actions taken in their capacity as directors and officers.

EX 5 dexhtm FORM OF INDEMNIFICATION LETTER AGREEMENT Exhibit [Conor Letterhead] In connection with the execution and delivery of that certain Underwriting Agreement, dated as of December,by and among you, as the Selling Stockholder, Conor warranties and agreements contained in Section.

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