Yu dafu sinking

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Books by Yu Dafu

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Yu Dafu Sinking

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Bilianghu de qiuye [Intro Night in Bilianghu].

Yu Dafu, Wade-Giles romanization Yü Ta-fu, original name Yu Wen, courtesy name (zi) Dafu, (born December 7,Fuyang, Zhejiang province, China—died September 17,Sumatra, Dutch East Indies [now in Indonesia]), popular short-story writer of the s in China, one of the founding members of the Creation Society, which was devoted to the promotion of modern literature.

SINKING (Chenlun) by Yu Dafu, Yu Dafu was one of the most versatile and prolific writers of the period of the May Fourth Movement.

He wrote traditional poems (gushi), essays, fiction, editorials, political analysis, and literary criticism. Yu Dafu became famous in (while still in Japan) after the publication of Chénlún 沉淪, known in English as Sinking.

Sinking was published in the Creation Society's newsletter (创造季刊) and instantly pushed his society and him into fame. Sinking (Illustrated Collector's Edition--Classics of the Era)(Hardcover) (Chinese Edition) [Yu Dafu] on abrasiverock.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This book tells that a Chinese student studying in Japan are very worried and depressed due to the cold reality and constantly degraded in. View 4. Yu Dafu abrasiverock.com from EA at University of Wisconsin. YEH S H A O -C H U N thought in a high-pitched voice, so she started to listen.

He was told that if he put up three. Yu Dafu (December 7, – September 17, ) was a modern Chinese short story writer and abrasiverock.com died in Japanese-occupied Dutch East Indies, likely abrasiverock.comtion: Writer and poet.

Yu dafu sinking
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